How do I reserve a session or wedding with you?

We require a $500 deposit for all portrait sessions, and a $1000 deposit for all weddings and events. We do not hold any date without a deposit and signed contract.

What kind of camera do you use?

My primary camera is the Canon 5D Mark II, which is used by most wedding photographers because of 21.1 megapixel full frame sensor and lightweight body. I also shoot with the Canon 5D, which is know for its lightweight body and it’s full frame 12.8 megapixels.

I use all “L” series lenses. This is their professional or “luxury” line of lenses. As Canon states, “These lenses use special optical technologies such as ultra-low dispersion UD glass, super low dispersion glass, fluorite elements, and aspherical elements to truly push the optical envelope.” If you followed any of that, good for you. For the rest of us… it basically means if you use a Canon L lens, you will get amazing pictures (and have spent an amazing amount of money).

More importantly than the type of camera you have is the type of glass you have on the camera. I have a few lenses that cost more than the camera body.

My favorite comment at every wedding (and yes, I do hear it at just about every wedding), wow… nice camera, you must get great pictures with that. Yeah… just like a nice set of pots and pans is going to produce a gourmet meal.

Basically, the camera is important. The type of lenses are more important, but the talent and skill of the photographer is the most important thing to look for when selecting your wedding photographer.

How do I proof my images?

The proofs are uploaded to a web gallery within 7-14 days from your session or event. The images are protected by a password so that only those friends and family with a password may access them.

We also encourage and recommend either in studio or in home consultations to help select and order the best products and prints for your wants and needs.

Can friends and family order prints off the website?

Absolutely! Each web gallery includes a shopping cart to allow guests to purchase directly on the web with a Visa or MasterCard. The orders will be shipped directly to them, eliminating you as the middleman! No more lugging proof books, collecting money, and distributing prints to all of your friends and family.

Can any image be turned into a black and white image?

We are a 100% digital studio, so all images are captured in full, rich color. A digital image can easily be converted into a classic black and white print or toned or enhanced to best fit your color preference.

Do you retouch all of the images?

No. From every session (portrait or weddings), we select our top favorites. These images will be retouched: color corrected, cropped, and general enhancing to brighten eyes, smooth skin.

You will see a gallery with all the images - both our favorites and the rest of the un-retouched images.

Should you choose to purchase any of the un-retouched images, rest assured that they will be given the same enhancing before printing that our favorites received!

Does sales tax apply to us?

If you live in Arizona, or have your photos taken in Arizona, we are required by the state to collect sales tax.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! We can offer for a set value, or for a type of product or session.

We also offer the option of setting up a wish list, or registery for our wedding couples.

Are you available to travel?

Absolutely, yes! Marriott Photography is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we love to travel for weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits, or your event.

Please contact us to discuss your travel needs.

In addition, we have scheduled travel dates to various locations including Southern California, Utah, and Colorado each year. Please check our blog and facebook for upcoming travel plans.

Do you have an assitant photographer?

Yes! I have 3-4 second shooters that have been working with me over the years. Weddings, events, and portrait sessions may also be booked with our associate photographers. Please call the studio for more information.

How many images do you take during a wedding?

The total number of images is dependent on the amount of coverage time and size of your wedding. I do not put any limitations on the number of images taken. Generally, I shoot around 1200-2000 images at a wedding. Those are then edited down to 500-1000 of the best images. Duplicate images, eye blinks, etc. are taken out. During the initial editing, I select about 100 images to capture the highlights of the day. These images are then color-corrected; some are made into black and white, retouched, or digitally enhanced. These highlighted images are spotlighted in your online proofs and available to you for online sharing.

Should the bride and groom see each other before the wedding?

First of all, let me say that couples that are opposed to a pre-ceremony photo session in wedding attire, for whatever reason, should not be pressured, coerced, or embarrassed into it. But, with that said, my simple answer is YES!

We have all been to weddings where the bride and groom disappear immediately after the ceremony to take care of all their “formal” portraits. This time seems to drag on for the guests as they are anxious to congratulate the new couple. I much rather see the bride and groom be able to immediate socialize with their closest friends and family during this time, rather than spend their first moments married with me! (Although by this time, we will start to feel like family!) These first intimate moments as husband and wife with family and friends lend to numerous candid photo opportunities.

Lighting is vital in great photography. Anytime we can use natural lighting, I like to take advantage of it. When a ceremony is scheduled around sunset, I find that doing pictures after the ceremony, we have lost the beautiful natural light for all those great outdoor shots everyone loves. This is another reason I feel taking care of all the “formal” pictures beforehand has an advantage.

We like to create a first meeting when a couple first sees each other before the ceremony. This can be orchestrated in anyway you like, but generally, we will have the groom wait with his back turned and have the bride approach him. You can keep this private between the two of you, or invite family and wedding party to witness. Some couples exchange wedding gifts or cards during the time “alone.” I am there to capture the first expression as you see each other. We then continue on with portraits of the bride and groom and finish all the family and wedding party portraits before the ceremony. The bride will be whisked away before the guests arrive to freshen up, and the rest of the day is free of formal portraits – just lots of time to celebrate with your guests.

I always ask my couples after the wedding what their favorite moment of the day was. The couples that set up a first meeting always say that was. They like having a few minutes to themselves… to reflect on what the day means. To express their love and tell each other how BEAUTIFUL they look. They like the fact that their nerves are calmed by the time they get to the ceremony and they can really listen and enjoy the ceremony. And most importantly, they like to get on with the celebration as soon as the ceremony is over!

Do I need to provide a meal for you at our wedding?

Yes! We would love a meal. It's a long day for us and we get a little grumpy without nourishment! We are grateful for whatever you would like to provide.

Should I hire a wedding planner?

Yes! A wedding planner will help keep your stress level down, save you money, be a wealth of knowledge, a mediator, a sounding board, help you focus on the big picture, and keep you on time!

When you pick a venue, you are usually assigned an event coordinator. This is not the same as an independent planner. Their job is to make their venue look great and have everything run smoothly on that end. They are not there to help you with all the other details. Often brides mistake the two and don't realize until too late they were not getting what they expected.

What is the best age to photograph a newborn?

As long as Mommy is feeling ready, the younger the baby, the better - preferably 2 weeks or younger.

Fresh newborns are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping and are more "bendable".

When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

Now! We can schedule a maternity session now and then block out your due date on our calendar. We keep the weeks surrounding the due date more flexible so we can fit you in when the baby decides to make his appearance! We like to shoot these sessions during those first couple days home from the hospital. The newborns are the most sleepy and patient in those first few days and allow us to create some of the fantastic poses and images when they are that young and tiny.

Since newborns are notorious for not arriving on their due dates, we limit ourselves to 6 newborn sessions a month. This allows us flexibility to fit in these time-intensive sessions at the last minute by reserving your session early.

How should I prepare for my newborn session?

By coming out to you, we try to keep it as stress-free as possible. We have a large selection of blankets, baskets, and props we will bring to you. However, we love anything you would like to include to personalize the session. Hair bows, hats, bracelets, blankets, etc. are all fun personal accessories I suggest gathering early if you would like them included. We love sites like Etsy for some of the amazing knitted hats and blankets.

We will also look around your home to find any elements that would work for your session. If you have a finished nursery, we'll be sure to get some details there.

We suggest on the days leading up to the session that you introduce the pacifier. This is the easiest and most effective way for us to get a newborn calm, relaxed, and sleepy in the many cute cuddly poses. Often babies squirm and move their hands trying to put something in their mouth, the sucking instantly relaxes them and lets us keep those little hands in position.

We also recommend turning off the a/c or turning the heat up to 82 degrees! As hot and uncomfortable as that may be for the rest of us, your little one will appreciate the warmer clients as we photograph her in the nude!

Do not worry about trying to control her feeding schedule. If she happens to need a feeding just before our appointment, undress her and keep her just in a diaper. That way we don't have to wake her if she falls asleep after the feeding.

Can we do a fun, informal family portrait session?

YES! YES! YES! These are my favorite. I love to photograph families enjoying being with each other. Whether we go to the movies, hike in the desert, play at the beach, or engage in a tug-of-war fight, anything that involves a casual, relaxed atmosphere is the secret to successful family pictures.

Resist the urge to always look in my direction and smile! Unless I am setting up a formal shot or call your name to look at me, I prefer to capture you in that natural moment.