Posted on Feb 12, 2015
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We are THRILLED to announce our 7th annual SPRING FOR CHARITY.  This photographic event with live chicks and bunnies has raised over $7000 for local charities in the Valley.  With the help of our amazing clients, we really are making a difference in the lives of local children and families.

We are so excited to be invited back to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix once again for our third year!  The museum has offered free admission to all photographed children on Saturday, March 7th, so plan to stay and play!  The  money raised during our Saturday sessions will be donated to the Museum’s Every Child Program.

This year, I’m so proud to be working with Down Syndrome Network of Arizona for our second charity.  The money raised during our Thursday, March 5th sessions will be donated to Down Syndrome Network of Arizona.

Each year we like to reach out to clients, friends, and family to recommend a charity for us to consider.  We were touched by Laney and Jerry Burns story and would love to share their experience:

After a long, exhausting round of In Vitro Fertilization and many sleepless nights, we were presented with a positive pregnancy test! We were certain that this new addition to our family was going to be perfect!  We went back and forth during the pregnancy wondering what would be the name that could capture her spirit the way she so quickly captured our hearts.  Finally we knew…her name would be Veda!  Pictures soon became a way that we came to know little Veda.  Starting with her ultrasound and through Laney’s maternity pictures, we started to see her personality shine through.  We could see her smiling in Laney’s belly, itching to get out into the world where we were waiting to love her with everything we had.  What we didn’t know is that she was a fighter…a baby who was fighting to live.  A few weeks before her due date, Laney experienced a feeling that something was wrong so she went to the hospital.  On June 30, 2013, we lost our beautiful baby girl. Her name is Veda Lourdes Burns. She weighed 4lbs 14oz and was 18.5 in. long. Veda had a full head of black hair, long fingers, a button nose and pouty lips that surely would have given her Daddy all kinds of future problems. Although her tiny heart gave out at 36 weeks gestation, Veda left an indelible mark on our hearts that will never, ever fade.  Our pregnancy had been going according to plan, so this sudden loss left us stunned, grieving and searching for meaning.  Several weeks after Veda’s passing we learned that she had a Robertsonian Translocation, a form of Downs Syndrome.  It was then that we finally knew just how truly special and beautiful Veda was on this earth and above.  The outpouring of prayers and comfort we received from our family and friends, particularly other parents of children with Down Syndrome, was incredible.  We quickly learned that we were not alone and that had Veda survived, she would have been surrounded by a loving and supportive community.  A few months after Veda’s passing, we participated in the Down Syndrome Buddy walk.  We will never forget the sense of belonging we felt watching these beautiful and amazing kids!

Our SPRING FOR CHARITY event is a client favorite!  These sessions book quickly, so call/email us today to reserve your time.

480.473.8334 or – leave a message with preferred day/time, number of children, name, and phone number and we will confirm.